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Food NameSugar
Sugar Cubes100.0
Equal Sugar Substitute100.0
Sweet 'n Low Sugar Substitute100.0
Kool-Aid Lemonade, Sugar-Sweetened100.0
Kool-Aid Raspberry Drink, Sugar-Sweetened100.0
Blue Razz Razzberry Candy100.0
Fructose Natural Sweetener, Estee100.0
Wintergreen Lozenges Candy, Sweet's100.0
Granulated Sugar97.0
Quik Strawberry Artificial Flavor, Nestle95.5
Necco Candy Wafer95.2
Syrup, Golden Griddle95.0
Red Hots Candy, Ferrara Pan94.1

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This food database has sugar data for almost 12,500 foods, including restaurant and fast-food items.
  • Sugar values are in grams and calculated per 100g of food weight.
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UCSF scientists declare war on sugar in food

Like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is a toxic, addictive substance that should be highly regulated with taxes, laws on where and to whom it can be advertised, and even age-restricted sales, says a team of UCSF scientists.

In a paper published in Nature on Wednesday, they argue that increased global consumption of sugar is primarily responsible for a whole range of chronic diseases that are reaching epidemic levels around the world.

Sugar is so heavily entrenched in the food culture in the United States and other countries that getting people to kick the habit will require much more than simple education and awareness campaigns, the UCSF scientists said.

It's going to require public policy that gently guides people toward healthier choices and uses brute force to remove sugar from so many of the processed foods we eat every day, said Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at UCSF.

"The only method for dealing with this is a public health intervention," Lustig said in an interview. "Everyone talks about personal responsibility, and that won't work here, as it won't for any addictive substance. These are things that have to be done at a governmental level, and government has to get off its ass."

In response to the study, the food and beverage industries said in statements that sugar cannot be blamed for high rates of chronic disease in the United States and elsewhere.

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New York Times: Choosing a Sugar Substitute

How bad is sugar, anyway?

White sugar offers the purest taste of sweetness. It is natural. But its deleterious health effects are the best established: It can make you fatter.

Research published last year that analyzed health data on more than 100,000 nurses in the United States over nearly a quarter-century found a strong correlation between weight gain and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and desserts. There was no weight gain for those who drank beverages with artificial sweeteners.

Obesity leads to numerous health problems — diabetes, heart disease, even cancer. Sugary drinks like soda (fruit juices, too) particularly contribute to weight gain. Usually, if the diet changes, hunger signals adjust to ensure proper nutrition. But the human digestive system seems to overlook liquid calories...

“Liquid calories seem to be different, and that’s why they’re so problematic,” Dr. Willett said. “Many foods contribute to weight gain, but it does appear that sugar-sweetened beverages are the single, by far, most important problem.”

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Guardian: Why our food is making us fat

We are, on average, 3st heavier than we were in the 60s. And not because we're eating more or exercising less – we just unwittingly became sugar addicts.

The Sugar Association is keen to point out that sugar intake alone "is not linked to any lifestyle disease". But evidence to the contrary appears to be emerging. In February, Lustig, Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis of the University of California wrote an opinion article for the journal Nature citing the growing body of scientific evidence showing that fructose can trigger processes that lead to liver toxicity and a host of other chronic diseases, and in March, the New York Times reported a study that had been published in the journal Circulation, which found that men who drank sweetened beverages most often were 20% more likely to have had a heart attack than those who drank the least. David Kessler, the former head of the US government's most powerful food agency, the FDA, and the person responsible for introducing warnings on cigarette packets in the early 90s, believes that sugar, through its metabolisation by the gut and hence the brain, is extremely addictive, just like cigarettes or alcohol. He believes that sugar is hedonic – eating it is "highly pleasurable. It gives you this momentary bliss. When you're eating food that is highly hedonic, it sort of takes over your brain."

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Foods Highest in Sugar Content

Foods Highest in Sugar Content Sugar (g)

Equal Sugar Substitute 100

Sugar Cubes 100

Sugar 100

Sweet 'n Low Sugar Substitute 100

Blue Razz Razzberry Candy 100

Kool-Aid Lemonade, Sugar-Sweetened 100

Fructose Natural Sweetener, Estee 100

Wintergreen Lozenges Candy, Sweet's 100

Kool-Aid Raspberry Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 100

Granulated Sugar 97

Quik Strawberry Artificial Flavor, Nestle 95

Necco Candy Wafer 95

Syrup, Golden Griddle 95

Red Hots Candy, Ferrara Pan 94

Island Twists Kool-Aid Drink Mix 94

Kool-Aid Purplesaurus Rex Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Pink Swimmingo Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Tropical Punch, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Grape Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Orange Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Cherry Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Strawberry Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Kool-Aid Incrediberry Drink, Sugar-Sweetened 94

Sweet and Sour Sauce, Dehydrated 93

Neon Nerds Candy 93

Creme De Mints Candy, Sweet's 93

Butter Mints, Kraft 93

Party Mints, Kraft 93

Lemon Pudding Mix, Instant, Dry 93

Foods Highest in Sugar Content Sugar (g)

Vanilla Frosting Mix, Dry 93

Now & Later Candy 93

Tang Orange Drink Mix 92

White Frosting Mix, Dry 92

Quik Banana Artificial Flavor, Nestle 91

Flan, Jell-O 91

Karo Light Corn Syrup 91

Karo Dark Corn Syrup 91

Tapioca Pudding Mix without Salt, Dry 90

Maple Sugar 90

Lemon Pudding Mix, Regular, Dry 90

Banana Pudding Mix, Regular, Dry 90

Banana Pudding Mix, Instant, Dry 90

Vanilla Pudding Mix, Regular, Dry 90

Vanilla Pudding Mix, Instant, Dry 90

Chocolate Frosting Mix, Dry 90

Candy Corn, Sweet's 90

Tapioca Pudding Mix, Dry 88

Fun Dip Candy 88

Everlasting Gobstopper Jawbreakers 88

Gobstopper Chewy Centered Candy 88

Butterscotch Sweeties Candy, Sweet's 88

Cinnamon Sugar 87

Coconut Cream Pudding Mix, Instant, Dry 87

Chocolate Milk Mix, Hershey's 87

Spree Candy 87

Orange Gelatin, Jell-O 86

Fireballs 86

Lemon Head Candies, Ferrara Pan 86

Coffee Nips Candy, Pearson 86

Lime Gelatin, Royal 86

Foods Highest in Sugar Content Sugar (g)

Strawberry Gelatin, Royal 86

Wacky Wafers 86

Cake Mate Decorating Icing 86

Strawberry Syrup, Smucker's 85

Blueberry Syrup, Smucker's 85

Boysenberry Syrup, Smucker's 85

Red Raspberry Syrup, Smucker's 85

Apples, Dehydrated 85

Brown Sugar 83

Swedish Fish 83

Junior Mints Candies 82

Pineapple Rings, Dried 82

Dried Pineapple Dices 82

Honey Dipping Sauce, Burger King 82

Ice Cream Mix 82

Coconut Cream Pudding Mix, Regular, Dry 82

Quik Real Chocolate Flavor, Nestle 82

Chocolate Pudding Mix, Instant, Dry 81

Honey, Strained or Extracted 81

Chocolate Fudge Frosting Mix, Dry, Gold Medal 81

Molasses Syrup, Grandma's 80

SweetTarts Candy 80

Sea Foam 80

Divinity 80

Fondant, Homemade 80

Table Syrup, Corn, Refiners, and Sugar 80

Sweet Tarts Candy 80

Fruit Shaped Runts Candy 80

Care Free Bubble Gum 80

Care Free Gum 80

Whipped Cream Topping Mix, Dream Whip 80

Foods Highest in Sugar Content Sugar (g)

Fudge Frosting Mix, Dry, Jiffy 79

Fudge Frosting, Prepared from Mix, Jiffy 79

Maple Syrup, Premium, Cary's 79

Vanilla Rennin Mix, Dry 79

Chocolate Mint Nips Candy, Pearson 79

Peanut Butter Parfait Nips Candy, Pearson 79

Apple Fruit Snack, Weight Watchers 79

Strawberry Fruit Snack, Weight Watchers 79

Cinnamon Fruit Snack, Weight Watchers 79

Peach Fruit Snack, Weight Watchers 79

Flan Caramel Custard, Dry Mix 78

Milk Chocolate Orange Sticks, Sweet's 78

Skittles Tropical Fruit Candies 76

Skittles Fruit Candies 76

Skittles Wild Berry Candies 76

Dried Mangoes, Philippine 76

Honey 76

Creamed Honey 76

Salt Water Taffy, Homemade 76

Skittles Candies 76

Gummi Savers Candy 75

Dried Papaya Spears 75

Tootsie Rolls 75

Hot Cocoa Mix With Marshmallows, Carnation 75

Dried Papaya Dices 75

Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, Carnation 75

Egg Nog Flavor Mix, Powdered 75

Seven-Minute Frosting 75

Lemon Drops Candy, Sweet's 75

Milk Chocolate Raspberry Sticks, Sweet's 75

Bubble Yum Gum 75

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