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Food NameEnergijaUgljikohidratiProteinUkupne Masti
Mlijeko komercijalno61•
Mlijeko obrano35•
Mlijeko punomasno61•
Mlijeko 1% mlijecne masti42•
Mlijeko 1% mlijecne masti s kalcijem42•
Mlijeko 2% mlijecne masti50•
Mlijeko acidofilno 1% mlijecne masti42•
Mlijeko acidofilno 2% mlijecne masti50•
Mlijeko humano, neobradjeno70•
Mlijeko 1% masti, laktoza reducirana42•
Mlijeko/1% masti/laktoza reducirana/dodan Ca42•
Mlijeko obrano/reducirana laktoza35•
Mlijeko malomasno50•
Mlijeko obrano do 0,5% masti35•

Usage Note

This food database has macronutrient data for 5,669 Croatian foods.
  • Protein, carbohydrate and fat values are in grams and calculated per 100g of food weight.
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